Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 1000: Must Buy Speakers From JBL, Boat, and MI

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The demand for Bluetooth speakers is increasing rapidly. No matter what the occasion is, these wireless speakers always provide quality music at affordable prices. These speakers are not only easily portable but also offer good battery life. We have prepared a list of speakers with good sound, battery life, firmness, durability, portability, and overall design for you.

If you are also planning to buy new Bluetooth speakers that are budget-friendly and functional, then here is a list of the top 5 must-buy Bluetooth speakers for you.

blankThe Boat Stone 200 is the most sturdy and durable Bluetooth speaker on our list. It has a 4.4 rating on Amazon and is a perfect pick for traveling and beach parties. The design may not attract you but it has a shockproof design. Also, the speaker has an IPX5 rating that is a unique offering at just Rs. 999. The boat Stone 200 speakers offer quality and long-lasting performance.

The 1500 mAh battery lasts for more than 8 hours if charged fully. The speaker consists of 4 buttons that manage the music playback, music volume, and helps in responding to calls.

The audio quality offered by the speaker is admirable as the boat Stone 200 includes a 50 mm audio driver. The speaker has the strongest bass. The loudness of boat Stone 200 is apt and clear even in large rooms.

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This is the best Bluetooth speaker at such a low price. Since it is a product from JBL and Harman, the speaker offers the best quality and specifications. Infinity Fuze comes with a modish and classy cylindrical design. What makes the speaker unique is its body. It is covered in fabric mesh that makes it strong and long-lasting giving a rugged feel to hands. The top and bottom of the speaker are made of waterproof rubberized material. The speaker looks simple but is premium.

The speaker is having a rating of IPX7 making it a must-buy. Fuze is completely water-resistant, dust-proof, and solid as a rock.

Infinity Fuze Dual EQ offers a 750 mAh battery that easily lasts up to 9hrs. As already mentioned, the drivers of the speaker are tuned by JBL, thus the audio quality offered by Fuze is extremely good. The Bass is powerful and there is no disturbance even at high volumes, and the audio remains clear.

The speaker comes with Bluetooth v5.0 and a built-in microphone making connectivity and calling easier on this speaker. It also supports an AUX cable and voice assistants on both Android and iOS.

The buttons of the speaker are at the top and operate the volume of music, turn on or off the speaker, play or pause the music, answer or reject calls, and invokes Siri or Google Assistant.

Fuze comes with TWS (True Wireless Stereo technology) that enables the users to connect two Fuze speakers simultaneously for a stereo effect during playback. Infinity Fuze is available at just Rs. 1499. It is a value-for-money product.

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This speaker comes with an amazing design. It has a parametric mesh design on its top, making it aesthetically pleasing. It comes with a 480mAh battery that lasts up to 6 hrs.

Mi Compact is easily portable because of its ultra-compact size. The audio performance offered by the speaker is great. Loud music can also be played on the speaker at high volumes without any disturbance or clarity issues. The audio performance of the speaker is apt and crisp.

The speaker comes with Bluetooth v4.2 and an in-built microphone. It is available on Flipkart at just Rs. 799.

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Philips BT40 has a flat and cylindrical design. The top of the speaker is enclosed with mesh and the body is wrapped in matte-finish plastic. It offers high quality and durability at low prices.

The battery life of the speaker lasts up to 6 hours. It comes with a single 1.5-inch driver that gives an apt audio performance. The sound doesn’t crack up even at high volumes.

The BT40 comprises Bluetooth v4.1 and an AUX port. It also consists of a micro SD card slot supporting a memory card up to 32GB. The speaker also offers an in-built microphone with sound quality at such a price segment. The speaker consists of buttons at the side of its body. These buttons help in changing the volume of the music, answer calls and play or pause music.

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If you want a premium-looking speaker at a low price then Photron P10 can be the best match for you. This portable speaker is made up of aluminum alloy giving it a glowy look. It provides captivating sound, a simple yet appealing design, and modern features.

Photron P10 comes with a 400 mAh battery that lasts up to 7.5 hours. The speaker provides value for money by offering premium quality music even at high volume. It has features like AUX, and SD Card Slot. The speaker also consists of Bluetooth v4.1 making connectivity easier. It also comes with a built-in microphone and a speakerphone with echo and noise cancellation. Photron P10 is a portable compact speaker giving great audio output. Photron P10 is available on Amazon at just Rs. 699.

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