Different Types Of Drones – Explore The Variation Of UAV’s

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What Is A Drone?

A drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle which means that no pilot is required to fly it in the open space. It can be remote-controlled by a human standing on a firm surface instead of getting aboard on the vehicle.

Types Of Drones

They can be classified on the basis of their usage in different fields. However, they perform a vital task in photography, surveillance, commercial use, and aerial mapping. Here are the following variations of an unmanned aerial vehicle.

Multi-Rotor Drones

Types Of Drone
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The multi-rotor drone is the ideal choice for professional and tech enthusiasts to bring out their desired usage or experiment. Moreover, they are used for photography, video creations, and aerial video surveillance. In fact, there is a wide range of variety available in the market. Although, you can buy one in around 500 USD to 3 USD for professional standard use.

Furthermore, it can be further sorted into four main categories. They are tricopter (3 propellers), quadcopter (4 propellers), hexacopter (6 propellers), and octocopter (8 propellers).

Fixed Wing Drones

Types Of Drones
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In design and construction, fixed Wing drones are completely different to multi-rotor drones. They have a wings-like ordinary aircraft that helps the vehicle to float on. Generally, this type of drones are chargeable and after a full charge, it gives a fly time of around an hour or less. Besides, they are able to be in the air for a couple of hours through which major operations can be accomplished.

foundationally, they have a downfall that you need to run and release it into the air to help the vehicle takeoff. They also require a runway or flat surface to land perfectly after the aeriel task.

Single Rotor Helicopter

The single rotor drones do seem like the actual helicopter in terms of design and aerodynamics. It has a single rotor which is a big propeller if you compare it with multi-rotor drones. However, they can fly for a longer time using a battery or either gas engine.

These types of drones are technically complex to operate and propose higher operational risk. Not only that, they are expensive too as compared to the previously discussed category. Furthermore, they require a plain surface or catapult launcher to release them in the air.

Fixed Wing Hybrid

This type of drone is the combination of both multi-rotor and fixed-wing version to achieve long fly time and hovering. It took a long time for developing the technology with greater applications helped this concept to come in light after so many experiments.

The special feature about fixed-wing hybrid drones is that they take off easily and land vertically without any complex operation.

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