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How To See Deleted WhatsApp Messages On Android


WhatsApp is now one of the world’s most popular messaging services. In 2017, the Facebook-owned corporation launched its own message delete feature from the WhatsApp. Using this feature, you can view deleted WhatsApp messages which exclude images, videos or messages.

It means that after deleting those texts no one will able to access those messages. There are ways to access deleted messages on WhatsApp and we will get there soon.

Please note that there’s always a price for accessing WhatsApp apps, which are not officially sponsored while organizing use this guide to unveil the deleted messages.

In this scenario, the solution we recommend would disclose all the alerts to a third-party app, including OTPs and bank balance information, without ensuring that this data would remain privately owned.

Only use this technique at your risk. However, this method should be only used if it is absolutely necessary for you to access the deleted message of others from your WhatsApp account.

How To Reveal Deleted WhatsApp Messages On Android

Whenever someone tries to delete a message after sending it to the specific recipient. There are still different ways to view these messages even after deleted by the recipient. Follow these easy steps to reveal the deleted WhatsApp message.

  • Download the WhatsRemoved+ and from you Google Play Store
  • After downloading the app, you are required to fill in some basic information and give significant API access to the app. Make sure you provide all the permission that is required then you are good to go for the next step.
  • After the permissions have been granted, reopen the app and you will now be prompted to pick the applications you want the updates to be stored and changes observed. Pick WhatsApp from the chart below and press Next.
  • Nextly, you need to tap on the Yes button then save the files followed by the tapping allow. This will complete the system configuration and ready for use.
  • From then on, any update received by you on WhatsApp will be included in the WhatsRemoved+ app including deleted messages. Only open the app and pick WhatsApp from the top icon.
  • There is no such feature for iOS, perfect for your protection but not perfect when you need to access deleted messages from WhatsApp.