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MIUI 11; How to Disable Ads And Block Spam Notifications


Xiaomi is and rightly so is one of India’s main smartphone clubs. It offers standard, business-priced hardware that’s impossible to overlook. But if you have a chronic issue with your phones, because of the pre-installed bloatware as well as advertisements in your Native Apps the program may be very difficult to use.

It’s a concern all of us have had, or still have today and even in the company’s latest MIUI 11 Android ROM it appears to be a concern. In the past, in MIUI 10, we have created a step-by-step guide on how to remove ads.

Do not panic, if you’re on MIUI 9 yet, as these moves can be followed. Today, we will take a brief tour of how you will treat MIUI 11 disabled ads. The process remains identical to previous iterations of MIUI, save for a few small improvements.

If you are unsure about what edition you have, just open the Settings tab on your Xiaomi phone and then search the first entry, ‘About phone.’ Tell you my MIUI versions such as ‘MIUI Global 11.0.4.’

For this tutorial, we have used Redmi Note 8 Pro (Review) and Redmi Note 9 Pro (Review), both of which are variants of MIUI 11 slightly different.

Remove Ads By Disabling The MSA Process

The key explanation for viewing advertisements in stock applications is the background advertisement process for MSA or MIUI Programs. You had to shut off the switch multiple times in earlier versions of MIUI before the system was completely activated, so it’s much simpler in our experience to disable it in MIUI 11.

  • Open your settings option from the main menu.
  • Nextly, you need to navigate to the privacy and security options and select Authorisation & revocation within the privacy option.
  • You’ll see an Android icon and named as MSA. There is a toggle beside the app icon which you need to toggle off.
  • Do the same for GetApps, which will be the last one in the series, when you’re here. You will get an alert 10-seconds, asking if you are sure that you want to do so. Click Revoke after the countdown. If you don’t let it shut off on the first move (that isn’t meant to be), try again before it’s done.
  • MSA will still be disabled even though you reboot your device.

Uninstalling Bloatware

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Since we’ve all managed to get rid of advertisements and unwanted alerts from the native applications or at least to limit them, it’s now time to deal with over-installed apps. Many, like Dailyhunt, WPS Workplace, Opera Mini, and some little games like Ludo Master and Pop Shooter Blast. Many of the games are available.

Fortunately, most of them, including Mi Community, Mi Store, and Mi Credit can be uninstalled. Press the button long and focus on the pop-up bubble for Button Details. Tap the Uninstall button below and check the operation by tapping OK.

Disabling Promoted Apps

Some default directories like Games and More apps display “Promoted games” when they open. Only open a tab and click the name in order to delete it. To disable this, click it. This lets you turn off the ‘Promote Apps’ below.

Disabling All Notifications Of Spammy Apps

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Then you should leave the MIUI 11 app with a cleaner look than when you initially set it up. While you will see no commercial alerting or ads any less, certain indigenous programs can even contact you occasionally. If you wish to disable alerts from such apps altogether, then that can be done too.

To do so, quickly click the warning shade long and a toggle-switch will appear to shut down all device alerts. Remove it and the message from that particular program never will be received. If you want to proactively do this for other apps too, then.

Now, open the settings from the main menu then tap the notification options and disable all the spammy app that you don’t use or comes pre-installed.