Piranha Open Source Tool That Automatically Deletes Obsolete Code

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Uber has a powerful engineering methodology for a better user interface, the world’s largest transport network service. Uber has used task flags to tailor the execution of the mobile device that provides specific functionality for different users.

Uber has launched a tool named Piranha, which deletes outdated and expired code from app files automatically. Piranha says that the ride-sharing service lets developers simplify the code removal process, which takes a lot of time when performed manually.

Companies such as Uber can locate user experience in various regions in which they operate using function flags. It helps Uber and other companies to gradually deploy users around the world and test various functionality variations.

Now, these role flags become a successful attribute or merely an unsuccessful attempt. In each case, the flag is no longer relevant and becomes a stalled function flag.

That is exactly where Piranha is required by developers. This open-source tool will automatically delete the function flags and their respective code that is no longer required.

Obsolete code such as obsolete character flags does not only induce coding disorder and bring confusion to it but interferes with certain flags or even contributes to bugs.

Piranha regularly receives an entry of the flag management system that produces a diff and sends it to the initial flag readers. The flag management system Then the author will determine whether the diff will be landed.

Piranha Open Source Tool For Removing Technical Debt From Code

Piranha functions currently with the Objective-C, Swift, and Java platforms. Now that open access is opened, the original code can be created and made usable for other programming languages.

Using SwiftSyntax to restructure Swift code to enforce PiranhaSwift and PiranhaObjC is used in Objective-C applications for the purposes of cleaning up code and in C++.

Uber claims Piranha was used to erase approximately 2 000 standstill flags and their accompanying keys. In applications that use comprehensive flags of functions and enforce different APIs to monitor their behavior, the company recommends using Piranha.

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