Reports Claim Your Apple Mac Might Be More Prone To Malware Than Windows PC!

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People consider Apple Mac safer than Windows PC when it comes to protecting their personal data from adware, malware, and Trojans.

If you also have spent tons of money on Apple Mac thinking it is safer than Windows PC then you might be wrong as the recent reports suggest otherwise.

Via: Yahoo

In a recent report by 2020 state of malware, they claimed that the prevalence of mac has increased to 400 percent in 2019 in comparison to 2018.

Shockingly the report also revealed that on an average 11 threads are detected per Mac.

Windows PC, when compared to Apple Mac, showed significantly fewer threads surprisingly.

Other findings that the report includes are that a shocking number of 24 million adware we’re detected on Windows last year.

Via: medium

On the contrary, an alarming amount of around 30 million adware we’re reported in Mac.

The significant increase in the number can be due to the increased amount of market share of apple desktops and laptops.

For cybercriminals, Mac has become an easy and attractive target due to a growing user base.

The shocking reports indicate towards one thing for sure, that no matter what operating system we use in our daily life, our personal data is not safe from the Intruders.

Only we can ensure our own safety by taking small steps like keeping our devices up to date. Also, avoid clicking on unknown links or links that might appear fishy to you and by not connecting to unsecured networks.

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