TensorFlow Quantum Launched By Google To Develop More AI Apps

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Google launches free open-source tools to promote the creation of quantum applications for research. TensorFlow Quantum seems to be the latest edition of the TensorFlow toolkit of Google which was released in 2015. This latest tech has contributed a lot towards the advanced field of machine learning.

Late last year, Google made the move to its own AI software development platform to be in the game with IBM. While the news was about the accuracy of their quantum computers, nothing is known about their deployment.

What TensorFlow Quantum Is For?

TensorFlow is one of the tools that make machine learning more available. It simplifies deep-neural networks and provides a portable tool to develop and test new AI applications.

All this can happen now easily while reducing such complexity with the help of TensorFlow Quantum. Moreover, the platform helps the developers to use reusable code chunks that are already written so they don’t need to write from scratch.

How Will It Work?

TensorFlow Quantum
Via: zdnet

TensorFlow Quantum allows you to write quantum programs without getting trapped in the hardware on which they run. A toggle helps you to flip on a classical machine between a true quantum computer and the simulation of one.

Significantly, It means before attempting to run it in a completely blown quantum set-up, you can test your quantum program in a simulation. Masoud Mohseni, the head of the TensorFlow Quantum project, hopes that the coders will use it to discover simple new algorithms that others may routinely use.

Quantum Based Real-World Applications

Quantum based technology is starting to enter the market. D-Wave Systems, a British Columbia-based quantum computing company has launched its latest version of the Leap App Development Software last month.

Leap is used for the production of in-house quantum applications for many major corporations. They include Volkswagen, which has developed a super-accurate bus transport system, and Telecom Italia, which has developed a quantum technology to automate 5 G networks.

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