Top 5 Future Technologies To Learn In 2020 – The Next-Gen Tech

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Technology advances so rapidly that annual pattern predictions appear outdated before they are even published as a blog post or as an essay. However, there is some core technology that going to be with us in the long run. The top 5 future technologies that will help people to cope up with the next-gen advancement.

When technology evolves, development and advancement are accelerated even faster and the rate of transition is increased until it gradually becomes exponential. Technology-based professions will not develop at the same pace but adapt and the experienced IT specialist knows its position does not continue to be identical.

What does that mean for technology professionals? It ensures the emerging developments remain up to date. So that means looking to the future to see what qualities you need to learn and what kinds of jobs you want to do.

Top 5 Future Technologies to Learn in 2020


Top 5 Future Technologies
Via: pandologic

This tech has been listed in the “Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2020” as per Gartner’s prediction. It is a combination of multiple Machine learning algorithms, bundled Artificial intelligence software to automate more and more tasks while reducing the manpower.

It is built on RPA as hyper-automation incorporates business process management, AI, ML, and data-scientific engineering to efficiently integrate multiple operations within a cohesive enterprise context.

For example, a logistics company can use Hyper Automation technology to dispatch deliveries using traffic and weather forecasting data to automatically delivery of goods.

FedEx is seeking to integrate automated tracks, transfer sensors, computerized maps, 3D-cameras, high-speed camera-tunnel, data processing engines, etc. The company is trying to accomplish the end-to-end authentic delivery using the hyper-automation process.


Top 5 Future Technologies
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The artificial intelligence program creates a community of researchers at Saarland’s University, Germany, capable of forecasting local hurricanes more accurately than ever–saving hundreds of lives in natural disasters.

This tech is said to be the top 5 Future Technologies that will be evolved exponentially in the near future. Moreover, while discussing AL and ML, its a truth that innovation and more advanced resources are yet to discover that makes our lives easy and innovative.

AI and ML offer efficiencies in all sectors that have never been seen before. Experts are aggressively hunting themselves— Python programming, data processing, mathematical modeling, computational modeling, etc. are widely sought after.

NLP Tools

Top 5 Future Technologies
Via: clairvoyantblog

NLP is an AI field storing the human voice, text, and video of individuals in order to gain information. NLP applications are specialized in artificial intelligence software that can be used to execute tasks such as speech recognition, device visualization, identification of objects, etc. We have jotted some of the best tools that integrate the NLP.

SimpleCV can be used to create computer vision applications by using the Machine Learning Library. It’s common with beginners since it does not require knowledge of file formats, buffer handler, etc. Fast prototyping and easy applications.

Tesseract is Google’s OCR engine, which transforms handwritten or typed material into a format the software understands and edits. Tesseract has been described as the most powerful of all OCR motors.

Cyber Security

Top 5 Future Technologies
Via: computerworld

The hacking hazard is today more real and more urgent than ever before. In 2017, porn was circulated through smart refrigerators. In recent years, some surveillance cameras were hacked to perform a distributed denial of service (DDoS attack).

As companies and governments are becoming more and more digitalized, information defense is rapidly growing with emerging necessary. Today’s information protection includes computer security, software design, network security, security applications, disaster recovery, etc.

A traditional information security work includes expertise in forensic techniques, tools for checking and troubleshooting, crypto algorithms and so on. If practitioners remain open to the new talks and philosophies in information security such as ethical protection, ML pattern hacking, etc will further be boosted more.

User Experience Design

Top 5 Future Technologies
Via: usabilitygeek

In 2020, User Experience (UX) will go far further than creating smartphone apps and websites. Enhanced reality technology is emerging: heads-up displays (HUD) and Apple has just revealed its AR headset roadmap, as they are beta-tested in user assistance applications.

When the Ui industry matures, developers will be called upon to create products on a range of platforms, from Internet and tablet devices to smart TV, AR headsets and speech assists. As the market matures, desktop and smartphone technologies.

UX designers who have multidisciplinary expertise in consumer analysis, graphic design and research will have comprehensive jobs in the creation of web applications through tools/programs like Adobe XD, Sketch, InVision, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.

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